The Three Valleys Story


The Three Valleys Farm is one of the original Settler allocations and has been farmed for over 180 years, after which the Harris family planted pastures in 2007. Prior to the arrival of the Settlers in 1820, the Afrikaner Voortrekkers constructed a road on the farm which can still be seen to this day during our game drives.

The historic Weymouth Mill, an old steam-powered grain mill, has endured the test of time. This mill is believed to have been built on foundations left by the Voortrekkers and pre-dates the Grahamstown records, thus making it over 200 years old. This lovely piece of history was converted into the farm’s first guest house in 2010.


“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man."


This land was farmed for years and since the early 1900s has been used to cultivate citrus, pineapples, proteas, and graze cattle. Franklin Staples, the then owner, was known to be a very progressive farmer for his time. He was one of the first farmers to put pumps into the farm’s cliff face in order to pump water from the river.

The pineapple farming made way for proteas as well as game which is seen in abundance today. The first giraffe were introduced during 2008. In 2015, at the renowned Bathurst Agricultural Show, the current owners reached agreement and began their endeavours to create what is today known as Three Valleys Wildlife and Nature Reserve.

Power of the Sun


Three Valleys has been entirely powered by solar energy since 2020.

All of our electric fencing, our cold storage and all buildings use solar to ensure sustainable energy consumption on the farm.

The Beginning of a Sanctuary


Three Valleys has taken great effort to restore the land to become a haven for all wildlife. During their endeavours to
create a beautiful, lush environment they were met with a new challenge in May 2019. Two orphaned small spotted genets needed help because Scarlett, the female had suffered a broken back and was in need of a safe space to be rehabilitated. Through extensive therapy, she has regained good mobility and together with her brother (Gizmo), they now call Three Valleys their home.

This was merely the beginning of an amazing journey to provide desperate animals with a safe environment to happily live out their golden years.


“Wilderness without wildlife is just scenery.”